Updating Current Credential & Developing New Credential

Case Studies - Research & Design: Program and Assessment Design


    • Chad Buckendahl, Ph.D., Partner
    • Susan Davis-Becker, Ph.D., Partner
    • Kelley Stethen, Psychometric Associate


An international credentialing organization that develops and maintains a suite of examinations administered year-round in over 100 countries worldwide.


ACS has partnered with Client on a multi-year project to provide psychometric support and guidance. Client engaged ACS to audit and evaluate existing practices across credentials and examinations within each credential. Client also requested ACS to develop solutions that would resolve a series of challenges the program was facing that prompted a need for change management.

Some of these challenges resulted in notable program improvements, including:

    • enhanced test design to better reflect current practice,
    • increased efficiencies in test administration and scoring,
    • enhanced comparability of scores and decisions across forms,
    • reduced workload for volunteers,
    • increased understanding of the science and practice of testing for the program leadership.

ACS worked with Client senior management in redesigning its program, and considered related policy, political, and business challenges associated with any potential modifications to the program.


ACS provided psychometric expertise and diverse experience to work through and identify appropriate solutions. These solutions incorporated policy goals, program activities, and psychometric standards.


Throughout the project, ACS helped develop and update new models for Client to consider in the development, administration and scoring of their examination.

ACS’s focus throughout the process was also on training staff and volunteers to more efficiently complete the necessary steps to allow for the credential to be maintained by Client moving forward.