Psychometric Services for Bar Examination

Case Studies - Evaluate & Improve: Psychometric Analysis


    • Deborah Schnipke, Ph.D., Senior Psychometrician
    • Chad Buckendahl, Ph.D., Partner


Board of Bar Examiners.


ACS has partnered with the Client on multiple projects:

    • Managed a hybrid standard setting, conducted both virtually and in-person for the bar exam and well as the notary exam.
    • Conducted a series of analyses to determine the optimal scale to be used for the bar association and completed all scaling activities for the Bar Exam.
    • Completed an independent review of the policies and procedures used by the bar association when scoring all components of the bar and notary examinations.
    • Developed a series of recommendations designed to enhance these procedures and introduce efficiencies to the testing programs.


Throughout all activities, ACS implemented and introduced policies and procedures that were appropriate both for the Client and consistent with the test standards and best practices in the credentialing community.


Due to this collaborative work, the Client has been able to enhance and improve the bar exam while still maintaining the level of service required with their constituents.