I.C.E. Research Paper Released!

Recent News

ACS is excited to announce Sarah Alahmadi is joining our team as a Psychometrician!

Sarah Alahmadi received her doctoral degree in Assessment and Measurement from James Madison University. She has extensive experience applying measurement theories, methods, and advanced statistical analyses to provide pragmatic solutions to challenges faced by assessment programs in education, certification, and licensure.

During her tenure as a student, Sarah interned with ACS Ventures and with the American Board of Surgery, taught courses on statistical analysis at James Madison University, and volunteered with the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME). Her research answers questions relevant to both high- and low-stakes assessments: what are the best existing methods to improve the accuracy of equating in the presence of item drift? What impact does low examinee test-taking effort have on the trustworthiness of policy and psychometric decisions, and how to counteract it? Are there interdisciplinary theories and practices that we can use to enhance current standard setting methods? At ACS Ventures, Sarah aims to continue to conduct research that informs best practices and policies in assessment.