Documenting Psychometric Evidence: A Goldilocks’ Conundrum

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Kavanaugh, J. & Buckendahl, C. (2019). Documenting psychometric evidence: A Goldilocks’ conundrum. I.C.E. white paper.


Documentation – everyone must do it, but how much is enough? In this white paper, Chad Buckendahl and Jaime Kavanaugh outline the psychometric evidence that programs should document and provide examples to ensure that the program is defensible.


Fewer things are less interesting, yet more important, than documentation for credentialing programs. A program’s documentation may include a vast array of information, from evidence of the organization’s formation and bylaws to minutes from meetings, policies and procedures, financial records, candidate handbooks and agreements, and additional information related to the program’s purpose. But how much information is enough? The tension between too much information and too little is what we have characterized as a “Goldilocks conundrum.” The goal of this white paper is to discuss and suggest categories of evidence to document the testing components of a credentialing program and to provide examples of what types of information to include, so programs can avoid this conundrum.

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